The New Episode of the hit Sitcom Cartoon ‘The Simpsons’ has predicted that Bitcoin will surge up to Infinity


The Simpsons was known to predict a lot of things in their show, the fun part of it is that every time they predict something it was sure to come true. The popular sitcom were right in most of their predictions like The Coronavirus, The death of Kobe Bryant, President Donald Trump’s rise to power. So fans were very excited on the recent prediction especially Bitcoin enthusiastic.

On the latest episode of Season 32, episode 18 was entitled “Burger Kings” The popular animated series featured Bitcoin (BTC) on a news broadcast, whose ticker news feed at the bottom of the screen listed some U.S. publicly listed companies.

The episode shows of Marge being hooked on stock trading, she watches the latest episode of a real-time data on the fictitious market channel or known as “Crazy Cash” It talks about Bitcoin with a green infinity symbol. This surprised Bitcoin fans for the detailed BTC priced at infinity. Also predictions of Tesla where also made stated on the ticker feed “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Photo from The Simpsons

In the Simpsons world besides Bitcoin, GameStop’s stock is rising by 1 trillion, and instantly falling by 2 trillion. While the TV hosts said in an enthusiastic tone:

Buy, buy, buy! Then, when you hear a rumor of trouble, sell before anyone else!” with no specific reference to a stock.

Although the episode doesn’t talk about cryptocurrencies, it involves financial markets’ concepts, such as speculation, as Marge made her inception into speculating in shares of Burns’ brand-new company. She wanted to gain profits to gift Homer a new pair of pants.

Source: Techjuice

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