World Famous Auction House Joins the NFT World with a Digital Artist called Pak


After the smashing sale on the auction house Christies that sold Beeple’s work for $69 million, Auction house Sotheby saw the opportunity and decided to join the NFT hype. Sotheby is a world renowned auction house specialising in fine and decorative art, jewellery and collectibles.

The auction house stated that they would be partnering with a mysterious artist named Pak, their announcement only held tidbits of information for in their words “While we can’t yet reveal full details of what’s to come, we want to be true to the democratic spirit of crypto and will be working together to attract as many people as possible to take part in this next adventure, so prepare for some surprises.”

(Pictured left) Pak, Metanoia, no date. (Pictured right) Pak, Cards of Entropy, no date. Art photos courtesy of Sotheby’s.

Sotheby plans to merge the contemporary world with the digital one, to make a brand new experience for the auction house, Sotheby’s will also accept crypto assets for the artwork being sold at the auction house.
As of now there’s still no new information regards to the artist but from web portal art. Io the mysterious artist has raised more than $350 million in NFT art sales in 2020, he was first to earn a million for a piece. He may plan to overtake Beeples work that sold $69m with a new piece.


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