Intelligence Report Says Cryptojacking Activity Decreased for the First Time since 2018

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

On Unit 42 report it says that from December 2020 to February, only about 17% of organizations worldwide with cloud-based infrastructure that had cryptojacking activity. It shows a lot of difference compared to the July to September 2020, the reports shows only 23% incidents.

The cryptojacking attacks only the privacy cryptocurrency which is shown in recent intelligence firms’ research. Due to being in a pandemic crypto mining activity has since risen, the findings suggest that this is the first recorded drop in cryptojacking incidents since Unit 42 began tracking such attacks in 2018.

Unit 42 warns that companies are not taking enough security measures to prevent such attacks on their cloud infrastructures:

“Organizations have neglected to invest in the cloud governance and automated security controls necessary to ensure that their workloads remain secure as they move to the cloud. In turn, they have created serious business risks such as exposing unencrypted sensitive data to the internet and inviting breaches by leaving insecure ports open. While our Unit 42 Cloud Threat Reports in 2020 identified similar problems, the numerous crises unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic have made the situation more challenging and widespread.”

Cyber intelligence advised people to look out for this attacks and secure your account as much as possible, These incidents happen due to flaws spotted on cloud infrastructures. As of press time, according to data, XMR is exchanging hands at $269.32, up 0.15% on the day, with a market capitalization of $4.82 billion.


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