Caracas Air Venezuela’s top Aviation Academy is now Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Due to the recent popularity of Bitcoin, many companies like Tesla, Paypal, and Visa started to adopt this as a payment method. Now joining the majority, Caracas Air is set to accepting Bitcoin as Payment; not to mention the company is also offering discounts to costumers paying in Bitcoin.

The Company CEO, Oliver Laufer announced on Twitter

Laufer along with his brother founded Caracas Air in 2015. The brothers sold everything in 2009 and bought a Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane. With those funds, they started a flight school which has now expanded to 900 students making it one of the fastest-growing aviation academies in the continent.

Tormented by hyperinflation, Venezuela has been at the forefront of Bitcoin adoption for the reason that cryptocurrency’s early days. In line with information supplied by blockchain sleuth Chainalysis, it is among the main nations on the earth by way of peer-to-peer buying and selling (behind solely the U.S. and Russia).

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